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Day 1 - Australia 2014 - The rest of the day

After the opulent breakfast with ham and eggs and toast and a fruit salad before and a fine talk with my hosts and a guest from Adelaide I was getting tired accidentally. So I took a nap afterwards

The first goal of the day was to get a australian prepaid card for my phone. As I was thinking afterwards about this, I was wondering how we are depending from these new technologies. Without these we are not able to communicate, to orientate and so on. I tried to remember how we have organized our trip to Colombia 20 years ago with some fellow students. But we did it without getting lost.

After I have bought my sim card finally it was activated successfully, I decided to go to a place I wanted to go the last time I was here. It was a place from whom i was thinking it could be a good location for photography

And finally I found it beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the north side of the bridge close to the train station Milson Point to the right time

Sydney Harbour Bridge from the nothern side.The bridge is nicknamed "The Coathanger" because of its arch-based design. Furthermore, the bridge is ubiquitously known to Sydneysiders simply as "the Bridge".

It was a beautiful area, a lot of people were sitting below the pylons of the bridge which tried to reach the sky majestic, to enjoy their labour day in the setting sun. There was a small Luna Park close to the feet of the bridge, where a lot of families with childrens were enjoying the day off.

View to the Sydney Opera House from the northern sideThe Sydney Opera House is Australia's most recognisable building and is an icon of Australia's creative and technical achievement. Since its completion in 1973 it has attracted worldwide acclaim for its design and construction, enhanced by its location on Bennelong Point within a superb harbour setting.

So it was so wonderful here so I decided to stay here the whole evening to wait for the right light. There was a little restaurant on the beach, where I had a coffee and wine between something, Some families we're standing on the habour and were trying to harvest fishes, but i guess this wasn't not the main reason.

Pylon of the Sydney Harbour BridgeAt each end of the arch stands a pair of 89 m (292 ft) high concrete pylons, faced with granite.The pylons were designed by the Scottish architect Thomas S. Tait,a partner in the architectural firm John Burnet & Partners.

After the sunset the twilight felt and brought a wonderful light so that i could I cacht some beautiful captures which you can see below.