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Day 11 - Australia 2014 - Hot-air balloon drive across the outback

Silence over the outback in the morning The photo was captured during the balloon drive close to Alice Springs

Because of the 5 day trip through the outback I rested the last day in the Alice Secrets Hostel and did nothing important except that i talked with a dutch guy a lot. He asked me of a cable to download his photos from his camera, because his sd card weren't working on his computer. But the card wasn't working in his camera too, so he had a problem. Then on this card were all his photo he has taken in Indonesia. And he did very good photos, because he showed me some on his computer. I thought he has gat a talent to portrait people. His photo of people in Thailand were very good. So we get into a long conversation about photography, photos, techniques, policy, travel, and the sense of life. Its funny, then I was a little bit annoyed about him as i have arrived the hostel and he was skyping very loud in the kitchen of the hostel. And its interesting how you can build an opinion only from one meeting of an other human being and then it is your brain. So what i have learned, give everyone a second chance. The conversation with him was really fine ;-).

So this day i had to get up really early at 3:30 o'clock to experience my first balloon flight.

I was picked up from the crew from my hostel and after we have picked up the other passengers we went with the bus approximately 15 km form Alice Springs away.

At first the balloon was inflated with a fan.

Start of the inflating of the balloon with a fan in the very ear

After the balloon was inflated, there air in the balloon was heating up with a gas burner.

After a few minutes the hot air in the balloon was lifting it up.

The ballon is raising up

Out balloon pilot had a pile of things to do until we were floating against the sky in this cold early morning.

The balloon pilot at his work

And at once we had the the landscape to the outback in Alice Springs to our feet.

The floating balloon over the desert

It was a really impressionable feeling to float loudness through the morning air only interrupted by the gas burner.

Viewfrom the balloon at our bus

While the moon stood high in the sky,

Moon beside the Balloon

the sun prepared to  rise over the horizon 

View at the rising sun from the balloon

and touched the surrounding landscape in warm beautiful light.

The outback close to Sydney viewed from the balloon

All the passengers were impressed from this performance very much.

Hot air balloon drive over the outback in Alice Springs

But after a half of an hour it was time to land again safety in the desert.

Shortly before landing